Monday, May 23, 2011

The Waiting Game

Did I mention that I DO NOT like waiting??!?  Not a good character trait for a family adopting!  We are a little disappointed tonight because we are still waiting to hear our LID, or logged-in date in China.  It has been two weeks since our dossier was sent, and our agency is very confident it has already been logged-in, and likely was last week.  China is sometimes slow to update their system.  However, without an official "date" from the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs), we cannot be "matched" with a baby.  American agencies do "matches" for our program once a month (usually the next to last or last Monday of a month).  They are making matches tonight - probably as we speak.  So, we missed out being potentially matched this month.  It wasn't likely, as other families are ahead of us, but there was still a slight chance IF we had that LID.  However, even though we are disappointed, we are trying to look at it positively.  Perhaps the girl we need to be matched with will be on the list next month and there is a reason our agency doesn't have our LID yet.  We do trust God to guide our agency in matching us with the perfect baby for our family, but it is still so hard because it is out of our control!  Now we just have to wait for another month and wait to see.  We could be matched in June, or July or August.....we just don't know. 

Until then, we are going to be excited about the future, but enjoy every minute of summer fun with Miss Alexis!  We have all sorts of fun activities planned for her this summer, and we're really looking forward to the closing of the school year so we can just enjoy some relaxing time with her. 

Please pray for guidance and clarity for our agency, as the match-making process is very tedious and stressful for them as well.  We know little Annabelle is out there and we just hope we "find" her soon! :-)

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