Thursday, May 26, 2011

LID and Fundraiser Update

We finally received our logged-in date and LID number from China on May 24th.  We actually heard that we had the LID at 10:00 on May 23rd, but it was already the 24th in China, so our LID is 5/24!  It took a little longer than they had expected, but it was likely due to a delay in the translation process, which our agency said happens sometimes.  Whatever happened, we are very thankful it was accepted and we are a waiting family in their system! 

We received word of the LID just as our agency was sitting down to make "matches" for the month of May.  China releases a list of children in our minor special needs program once a month, and agencies have to search through lists (in real-time on a computer) as they are released from China.  It sounds crazy and complicated!  They did attempt to match us, but we were not matched this month.  We didn't expect to be, as other families were ahead of us.  But, the good news is that our agency matched FIVE families, so we are at the top of the list now!  So, June looks like a promising match-making month for us!  Matches are typically made on the last or next to last Monday of each month.  The matching occurs around 10:00 p.m., so families are notified the next day.

We are also thankful to share that our agency received our donation check from our Premier Fundraiser Show - in the amount of $997!  We also have a couple of private donations coming in, so the fundraiser will total over $1,000!  We are very appreciative and blessed by our family and friends.  We can't wait to tell Annabelle how many people loved and supported her - before she was ever here!  Thank you to those who attended or sent in orders in order to help make it a huge success!!

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