Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fundraiser Party

We had such a great time at our Premier Jewelry Fundraiser Show last night!  Jason and I both greatly appreciate our friends and family who attended or placed orders to support our adoption efforts.  We also deeply appreciate Kim Day and her generosity!   The love and encouragement others have shared regarding Annabelle is overwhelming and only makes this "journey" more special!  We look forward to telling her about how excited everyone was as we awaited her arrival with much anticipation.  Thanks to everyone's generosity, we were able to raise around $800 that will be sent to our adoption agency, and we still have a few orders coming in.  That is amazing and will help us greatly!  Thank you so much!  I know there were others who live far away who wanted, but couldn't attend, and others with too many obligations last night.  We completely understand and just appreciate your prayer support.

I also wanted to include a picture that was on the cover of our dossier packet (copy of the original) that we received in the mail today.  We can't wait to hear that we have a LID (logged in date) from China soon!

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