Friday, May 6, 2011


In the adoption world, many acronyms are used and tossed around to refer to milestones and important dates in the process.  DTC is one of those, and it refers to one of the most monumental milestones (other than receiving a match)....DOSSIER TO CHINA!  Our dossier left with FedEx from Lexington at 4:00 today.  It is on its way to China!  It represents the culmination of all of our preparations, paperwork, documentation, etc.  I have attached pictures our agency took of our dossier before it was packaged for mailing.  Not all of the documents are shown, but each of the certification statements from the U.S. Secretary of State's office represent documents that had to be authenticated at the county and state level.  I especially thought the Chinese authentication from the U.S. Chinese Consulate was neat!

It generally takes two weeks to receive a LID, or "logged in date" from China.  This will verify that we are logged into their system.  As soon as we can receive the LID from China, we can be matched with a baby girl!

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