Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pictures from Tuesday

Today was the day that Jaxson's adoption was finalized!  We had an adoption interview and an interview with the notary.  The adoption interview lasted about two minutes.  The notary was longer.....what do we do?  When our are birthdays?  Why did we adopt?  Why do we like China?  Are we "pleased with the child?  Will we abandon him?  The man was VERY hard to understand.  It was so hot in the building (same building as the traumatic first meeting yesterday) and I was worried he would remember being there yesterday, but he did just fine. 

After the meetings, we ate lunch at Pizza Hut (again).  Jaxson got fried rice with lots of veggies.  We ate...pizza.  He ate VERY well at breakfast.  He eats anything and a LOT!  It's amazing how well he is adjusting!

I am also impressed how well we can communicate - even with the lack of a common language.  We have figured out several phrases and he is, too.  He wanted Alexis to lay down with him for his nap and he patted the bed saying, Jie Jie...here.  He then tried to take her shoes off and wanted her right next to him.  He says ball, calls me Mama, refers to Jason as Baba (Chinese for Daddy) and calls Alexis "Jie Jie" (which means big sister).  He also told her, "Jie Jie potty!" after we told him to go potty over and over.

While he took a nap, Hayley and I thought we'd be adventurous and have some "girl" time with Alexis and go to the market.  Alexis is doing well, but having some jealousy today.  So, we told her this was a special girl time.  It was quite interesting.  It is hot here, and we were sweating like crazy when we finished.  There are few ramps and lots of steps on sidewalks.  Not fun with a stroller.  We had TONS of stares.  We saw a car hit a man (going slow).  We also think an older woman asked us to take her child.  That was a horrible moment.

Tomorrow we go to the police station to apply for his passport.  We are also going to Shimian Island (spelling?) to visit some shops that cater to adoption families.

Here are some pictures from today:


  1. Sounds like things are going wonderful. I thank the Lord! Enjoying following your journey. Thanks for the updates!

  2. Gosh they are so cute holding hands like that! Where did you get those adorable t-shirts? Congratulations on your new son- he looks like a real charmer!

  3. Oh my golly, Jaxson is adorable! It sounds like things are going so smoothly. It is really neat that he is referring to you as mama, daddy, and sister already. Sweet how he and Alexis are bonding. God has truly blessed you all!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! Taylor and I are very excited/happy(all mixed up) for you!! I'm sorry we didn't get to see or talk to you before you left but are anxious for you to get home safely so we can meet the little guy!! He's so handsome(it does run in the family) We wish you a safe trip home and hope to see you soon!!
    P.S. How do i say "I'm an uncle" in Chinese?