Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Medical Appointment

Today I don't have a lot of pictures to share, as we spent the entire morning the International Medical Clinic in Guangzhou.  This is a requirement for obtaining his visa.  He had to he weighed, measured, checked by a general physician and an ENT.  He also had to have a TB skin test.  He HATED all of it.  He was great in the waiting areas - playing and content as he usually is.  He did NOT like having his temperature taken and absolutely screamed when he had to have his clothes removed for an exam.  He particularly hates anything in his mouth.  None of the children "liked" the exam, but this was the most upset I have seen him other than "gotcha" day.  Jason and I think that it stems from his multiple surgeries and the lengthy periods of time he had to stay in the hospital when his lip and palate were repaired.  Maybe he has bad memories or just grew to dislike doctor visits.  Alexis has always done so well and enjoyed going to the doctor, so we may just be spoiled. :-)

The doctor said he was healthy and looked great.  He scratches a lot and has little marks on his torso and limbs.  The doctor said it was likely a combination of mild eczema and nerves.  We just keep applying lotion for now and we will definitely ask our pediatricians about it when we get home.  He seems to scratch more at bedtime, naps and when we get in the car to go somewhere. 

One good thing about the medical appointment is that, when he was upset, he reached for us and wanted us.  I think that is a great achievement in the bonding process.  He was very excited to come back to see Alexis.  She didn't act as thrilled to see him, but she was enjoying her time with Hayley and not having to share anything. :-)

He is definitely quite the entertainer and a "ham."  Hayley said he will likely be the "class clown."  He loves to make little faces and funny sounds and says "hello!" to everyone we see.  He's very outgoing and friendly and just laughs at himself at lot!

Tomorrow we are going early in the morning to Donguan, which is where his foster parents live.  We will be meeting the foster director and the foster parents at a hotel.  Jaxson, Alexis and Hayley will stay in one room and we will be taken to another.  Our guide will go with us to facilitate the conversation.  They are glad to meet with us - and they are not upset about us adopting him.  However, I am still nervous about what I should exactly say - it is hard enough even with a translator - to express things sometimes.  Her English is great, but sometimes I have to clarify or reword things.  I just want them to feel confident and at peace that he is in a loving home and that we will help him achieve all that they wanted for him.  Even though it will be a little tough, it will  be a great thing to tell him about when he is older!

I will try to add some pictures later.  We are going to try KFC tonight (we are getting SO tired of Pizza Hut, McDonald's and Subway).  We are also going to go to Haagen Dazs for some ice cream treats tonight!  Yay!  I am tired of crackers, peanut butter and goldfish.......

I'll write more soon! 


  1. how wonderful your medical is already done!!!

  2. Everything sounds like it is going great....loved that he reached for you all at the medical! Such a wonderful bonding moment as you said! Thanks so much for the updates!

  3. Natalie really disliked Dr.s for a while as well. We thought the same thing as you, that is was likely from her time spent with surgery (and casting).

    Glad the medical apt is done though. All smooth sailing from here on out.

    I want to see a picture of you and Jason with a big plate of Chinese food. ;)