Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jaxson Day is here!

It is 12:21 in China.  We just had a meeting with our guide and another very nice US family.  We all leave together in a van today to meet and bring home our children.  Our fears are starting to subside some and the excitement is building.  We should meet him around 3:00 in the afternoon here - I'm not exactly sure.  I don't know how long it will all take and when we will be back in the room.  We will need to stop at a market and then get some dinner before getting back in the room.  So, I may not have a picture or update until a little later.  I will post AS SOON as I can, though.

We got a new update on him during the meeting.  Here's what it says (I am writing the translated version):

His physical development, intellectual development is no difference with child in same age.  Four months to turn over, six months can sit and look for toys, nine months can crawl, 1 year can work.  Now can walk, running, jumping, climbing.

He can talk and draw, can move stool stepped up to catch the things, he is smart, lively, good at communicating with others, he learns quickly, such as when you go to restroom, close door, he copies.  He likes to take bus with foster dad and likes to go to square to play and dance.  :-)

He is big eater (yikes).  He can sleep himself, slep well, no bad sleep habits.

He is healthy and gets immunizations.  No food allergies.

We also found out that we have the option to go to the foster family's home and meet them instead of going to the orphanage.  He will not go in with us - he will stay with the aid of the foster agency director and one of us.  We will take turns going in to meet them.  We really wanted to go to the orphanage, but given this opportunity is something that we feel is more meaningful - for them and for us.  He only lived at the orphanage for two months and they have raised him.  We have to decide by tomorrow.  What an awesome opportunity, though.

We have just an hour and a half until we leave.  I'm trying to stay calm and know hat God is in control and He has already helped me calm down.  Life, as we know it, will change.....but what a blessing it will be.  Our life was blessed so much when Alexis entered our world, and I could never imagine - that night in the hospital - what would come.  I know today is no different.

I will write soon! :-)


  1. You are so right, Laura...your life will change, but it will be awesome! God has got it ALL! Can't wait to see you guys with your new son! Many blessings and many prayers!

  2. Looking forward to meeting Jaxson! Keeping you all in my prayers!!

  3. He is so adorable, congratulations!! Take lots of pictures when you visit the foster family and I would strongly advise that you take him with you when you meet.

    Trust me that the photos we have of our daughter's foster family WITH her WITH us are completely priceless!! Plus this will give him security to know that his foster parents are "OK" with him going with you. You don't want him to feel kidnapped and this will help tremendously. I know it will be tough to take him away again, but you owe it to him and to the foster family to give him a picture of his "whole" family one day together.

    Have a great trip!