Saturday, March 17, 2012

Waiting, waiting waiting...

Well, the wait for TA (travel approval) HAD been around 2 weeks.  That is until WE started waiting for TA.  OF COURSE it had to slow down! :-)  Apparently some reorganization and moving of offices in China has resulted in some slight delays.  I seriously doubt we will get ours this week, as I had hoped.  However, MAYBE I am wrong!  I sure hope so!

In the meantime, I am slowly gathering (well, more PILING) things in Jaxson's room for travel.  This week I worked hard to finish up our "gifts" that we have to take.  These gifts are for various people....officials that will process documents, our guides, the foster parents, the orphanage director, etc.  I tried to carefully plan and strategically purchase gifts that would be meaningful, in the appropriate/suggested price range, and that helped out local people and/or businesses as much as possible.  This way, the giving of the gifts means something to us and helps us feel like we "left our mark" on China.

I am including photos of the gifts mainly to help my fellow adoptive parents who read this blog.  Others may be interested as well.  Several people have asked me why we are bringing gifts (especially with all the expenses we have already have).  This is a tradition in the Chinese adoption world, and something that we are expected to do. :-)

 A collection of ALL the gifts (minus a photo book and photo necklace)
Random "male" gifts
  •  UK tumblers and magnets 
  • The horse mini-statue is for the orphanage director (has information about the Kentucky Derby on the bottom)

Random "female" gifts
  •  Silk scarves (not made in China)
  •  flower pins (made by my friend Sam)
  • key chains made by a local high school student to support the Addison Jo Blair Foundation (a foundation established by my friend and colleague to help children with childhood cancer after she lost her beautiful daughter to the horrible disease - I love that we are helping this great foundation and spreading Addison's foundation all over the globe!) 

 Foster Organization Contact/Caregiver
  •  Silk scarf 
  • 31 zip-up bag
  • Bath and Body Works pocket bac
  • Addison Jo Blair foundation key chain
  •  flower pin 
Foster Family Gifts
  •  framed picture
  • print of Kentucky (exchange student will write "Kentucky" and "Thank You" in Chinese characters for us
  • Photo necklace (not shown)
  • Photo book (not shown)
Guide and Agency Representative
  •  31 bags
  • necklaces
  • button bracelets (handmade by a parent in my school)
  • Bath and Body Works pocket bac
 Gift Tags
  • I am going to attach these tags to each gift so that recipients will know where they came from!
I hope that I can post a great big TA sometime on this blog in the next few days.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!  We are so close, yet it feels so far away still.

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