Friday, March 23, 2012

Travel Approval!

What a whirlwind this week has been!!! We knew our TA should be coming soon, but we were surprised to get it on Wednesday! The even bigger surprise was the news that we could travel in as little as two weeks!! We had thought, for weeks, that the end of April was our earliest potential travel timeframe. We honestly NEVER believed early April was a remote possibility!!

The TA (travel approval) grants us permission to come to China and take custody of Jaxson. Upon receiving TA, you have to request a consulate appointment. The CA is the last phase of the process, so all of the travel plans are impacted by the appointment. We requested a CA of 4/18 and had to nervously wait from Wednesday to today to see if we got the desired date. If we did not, we would be pushed back a week, which would should fall during the Guangzhou trade fair. Due to the higher costs, we were told we might have to wait until the second week of May.

We were thrilled this morning when we found out that our CA was booked for April 16th!! We will leave for China on April 5th (our anniversary), and we will meet Jaxson on April 9th!!!

At this point we are absolutely thrilled, frantic to pack and prepare for our substitutes, and scared to death - all at the same time!

This week we also received a picture of Jaxson playing with items from the care package we sent. He looks SO happy and healthy!!! We love seeing his adorable face!


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  1. So happy for your 3 now 4. My husband & I are awaiting our TA & are on stand by so exciting
    Blessing to you