Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chinese New Year Care Package

We sent Jaxson a care package at the end of October so that he would receive it on his November 4th birthday.  We received wonderful pictures from that package delivery, which we posted on here in November.  For Christmas, we sent a package directly to a contact we had in China, but unfortunately, the package never arrived.  We sent it according to the directions we were given, but it never reached our contact.  We're still not sure what happened....we are just very disappointed he didn't receive his Christmas gifts, as we had hoped.

So, for Chinese New Year, I decided to use a care package service again.  I wanted to be sure he received it, as I know CNY is a big tradition in China!  I have attached pictures below of the care package contents.  The care package service has requested pictures, so I hope that we will receive some updated pictures in the next few weeks! ;-)

For those of you keeping up with our status, no LOA still.  Today is day 85.  We are getting very close to the 90-100 day "average" that our agency keeps giving us.  Keep your fingers crossed.....we REALLY want to have it before the New Year holiday, or else it will be delayed for at least a week.

We are planning to go to one of our local Chinese restaurants near CNY (January 23rd) to celebrate with our international adoption support group.  I really enjoy spending time with all the kiddos and their wonderful families.

Here is the care package.  It includes a traditional outfit for Jaxson (it is customary that children wear new clothing for the holiday), candy for the foster parents, a panda for Jaxson, a letter from us that has been translated (I wish I could see it closer), and a traditional CNY card for the foster family.

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  1. That is an awesome outfit. Where did you get it? Natalie's foster parents in China sent us a package for her with some pretty, new dresses. She will be wearing one at the dinner. We look forward to seeing everyone as well!