Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Give me an L! Give me an O! Give me an A!

What's that spell?  L-O-A!  Hooray!!!!!!  After 94 long days of wondering when it would come, if it would come, what was going on, etc.....it came!  Our agency was even surprised it came before Chinese New Year.  It was mailed to our agency, so they are overnighting it to us, and we will receive it tomorrow with more specific instructions as to what our "next steps" will be.  We were told to plan for travel in about 3 months.  It is all still a little surreal, but so very exciting.  I had to keep processing the phone conversation and replaying it my mind for it to seem believable. 

This next phase is the part I have not let myself get excited or anxious about, or even give much thought to at all!  I've definitely got some research to do and plans to start regarding travel, as well as making sure we have everything we need when we return home (such as carseats for both of them). 

To celebrate tonight, we went to a local restaurant in Glendale called Tony York's on Main. 

I'll post more about the next phase of the process tomorrow! 


  1. Congrats on LOA! Very excited for you! :)

  2. That is so great Laura Beth! I have been following you with this journey and I can't wait for you all to bring him home.