Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dog Days of August

Summer came and went without a match, as we were anticipating and hoping, but we know that there is a reason we have not been matched and the extra wait will be a distant memory when we actually do welcome Annabelle into our lives!  Is it frustrating and disappointing each month that passes?  YES!  Is it fun just "waiting" for something out of our control?  Absolutely NO!  However, it is the reality of adoption, and it will make the reality of being a new family that much better! 

In the meantime, we have been pretty busy lately as a new school year has started.  I'm teaching third grade again, Jason is teaching AP Calculus for the first time, and Alexis returned to preschool.  She had a great start and loves going to "her school" every day.  We had an emotional weekend before school started for our family, as we had to put down our dog, Copper.  Jason and I first brought Copper into our lives eight years ago - the weekend before school started that year.  She's been through all of our adventures and experiences as a married couple, including two homes and the birth of Alexis.  Those who knew Copper knew that she was quite spoiled and didn't view herself as a dog, but rather a member of the family.  We miss her, but she was really sick and unable to recover.

Despite my apprehension, Jason and Alexis teamed up to beg for a new puppy.  Alexis missed her playmate and Jason particularly missed having a dog in the house.  So, we welcomed Jake to our family!  Jake is a TINY shih-tzu puppy who is named after the lead character on Alexis' favorite TV show, "Jake and the Neverland Pirates."  She wanted to name him Captain Hook, Smee or Mickey Mouse, so with some cohersion, we "compromised" on Jake!  He is cute - and he's growing on me!  We found out that his breed originated from China, so that is quite appropriate for us!

   August matching should be toward the end of the month.  Hopefully it will bring good news!

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