Saturday, August 27, 2011

August List and Sister Talk

I posted this story on facebook, but failed to write about it on this blog.  Since we will be printing this blog as a memory book for Annabelle some day, I wanted to make sure I documented it!

Alexis has been studying "families" at preschool and they also have been making a lot of "about me" crafts/projects.  A couple of weeks ago, she said that her favorite thing was "her sister, Annabelle."  She also told her teacher to write that her favorite thing to do was "to look everywhere for Annabelle with my parents."  We think she truly believes that Annabelle is "lost" and that we have people looking for her.  In a way, she's partially right!  I think it is so sweet how much she already loves her.  She talks about her constantly - referring to things she wants to play with her, toys she will share with her, how she will "boss" her around, etc.  I know she will have adjustments to make, but I know she will love being a sister!

I had a shirt made for her that she can wear once we are matched.  I think it's really sweet - and definitely unique!

The August "Shared List" is being released Monday night, so we will find out on Tuesday if we were matched or not.  Let the nervous worrying and wondering begin!


  1. I love that t-shirt! I remember those shared list being released nerves very well!! Good Luck!

  2. How sweet! I sounds like she'll be a fantastic older sister. :)