Saturday, June 25, 2011

Boyd Orchards - A Helping Hand Adoption Reunion

Today we had a wonderful time at Boyd Orchards in Versailles.  We were there attending our first AHH (A Helping Hand) Reunion Picnic.  It was a lot of fun - beautiful weather, a really neat orchard with many fun activities for Alexis and lots of adoptive families with happy, healthy and smiling children! 

 Mommy and Alexis with the largest chair we've ever seen!
Nee Nee and Alexis brave the SLICK slide!

 Wipeout on the slide!
 She is fearless!  This was a REALLY tall slide!
 Posing to show off her butterfly face paint!
 Alexis got to "adopt" a bear and name it...she chose the name "Teddy Bear!"
 Family pic
 Mawmaw and Alexis strike a pose...
Alexis, Nee Nee and Tyler - she has little use for us when they are around!

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