Friday, June 24, 2011

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See...

...I see a waiting family looking at me!

Alexis and I have been attending a parent/child zoo class at the Louisville Zoo.  While visiting the zoo today, she made this art creation with one of the art vendors.  She chose the panda bear because "they have panda bears in China."  The Eric Carle book, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, is one of her favorites, and we've been reading books about China with panda bears as characters.  She wanted to make this for Annabelle's room (her idea) and I thought it would be a sweet memory to share with both of them some day. 

Monday night a new "shared" list from China will be released and our agency will be working - very late at night - to match families.  We are at the top of our agency's list, so we are very, very hopeful that Annabelle will be found within this month's list!  However, we know that the RIGHT baby may not be on the list, so we may have to patiently wait for another month.  We truly believe that we will be matched with the child that is meant for us....that needs us....and that we need, too!  The waiting part is just hard - and so stressful!

We will be at White Mills Christian Camp for the Performing Arts Camp I am directing next week.  If we are matched, we will be contacted (while at camp) on Tuesday morning.  We will have internet access at the camp, so we will let everyone know if we have good news to share.

We are also excited that tomorrow we are going to the annual A Helping Hand Family Reunion for families who have - or are pursuing - adoption through our agency.  The reunion is a picnic at Boyd Orchards in Versailles, KY (which is near Lexington), so my sister and her boyfriend, Tyler, will be able to join us as well.  Sarah Lynn (my sister) is traveling with us to China, so we are anxious for her to meet other AHH families and their adopted children.  It's so exciting to think that, this time next year, we'll have two little girls to take to the reunion!

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