Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patience and Trust

This past week we worked at White Mills Christian Camp where I was dean of Performing Arts Camp.  We had a great week - terrific campers, wonderful faculty to work with and nice, cooperative weather.  I was hoping we would receive an important phone call indicating that we had been "matched," but, unfortunately, we did not.  We knew they were completing the monthly matching process late into the night on Monday, so I was a nervous wreck most of Monday evening into Tuesday morning.  Due to an urgent matter at our agency, they were unable to call us until around 1:00 on Tuesday afternoon.  Our agency was unable to match any families, which means there were not children on "the list" that matched our criteria.  We were both very disappointed, as we were really hopeful this month.  This part of the process is very emotionally draining and makes me a little angry.  Not toward our agency, just the process in general.  There are so many babies/children in need of homes, so I do not understand why they make it so difficult and make families wait so long!  I think it is most challenging for me because I do not like things being out of my control, so I am definitely working on my patience and trust in God. 

We also had a very nice 4th of July weekend and were able to enjoy all the White Mills Days festivities.  The Heartland Dulcimer Club, of which my mom and I are members, performed on Friday night, my sister sang some beautiful solos, and Jason got his yearly pyrotechnician fix by setting off fireworks as part of Friday's festivities.  On Saturday, I ran the 5K - and survived!  My parents were the grand marshalls of the parade, so Alexis got to ride with them.  She was more thrilled with the games for kids, particularly the duck pond, than waving at parade onlookers! 

Matching will occur again at the end of July, so we will wait and see what is in store for us....

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  1. the wait is rough but that call makes it all seem worthwhile.