Thursday, April 14, 2011

Frustrations and Smiles...

     I have really been struggling with my emotions and patience this week regarding our process.  I knew upfront - and I am still well aware - that waiting is a HUGE part of the adoption process.  Yet, even with the knowledge and awareness, it is still hard!  I am very much a control-freak when it comes to my plans, and I like for things to move in a sensible order in a RAPID timeframe.  I have very little patience and when I decide to do something, I want it to happen immediately...or as fast as possible.  I know that everything works in its own time, and I also believe that this will happen in God's timing, as I feel confident that we need to be matched with the little girl meant for our family.  It's just difficult, because we are as excited about welcoming Annabelle to our family as any other "expectant" parents, and the unknowns of waiting are a little challenging at times!  We were told last week that our I-800 form is still in process, and could be for many more days.  So, we are a little delayed right now.  We were hoping to mail the dossier next week, and it looks like we won't be able to until the middle or end of May at this point.  So, a match in June or July isn't as likely. least there haven't been any problems with our forms, we moved very quickly and had few delays at the beginning of the process, and it will all be worth it once we meet Miss Annabelle! 

   I have tried to really distract myself a lot lately, working on crafts, trying to learn to sew (I made Alexis my first dress last week) and feverishly working to prepare my students for state testing which is coming up soon.  Still, for some reason, I was feeling a little frustrated tonight until I scrolled through my Facebook updates and saw the faces of some beautiful children on the Love Without Boundaries page.  LWOB is an organization that works to advocate for waiting children, sponsnors children in Chinese foster care and sponsors children at their Healing Cleft Center in China.  One of the special needs we indicated we would accept was cleft lip, so it is exciting to see all the little faces they post that are benefiting from their care and surgeries.  They frequently post pictures of babies who will be added to the "shared special needs list," which is the list we will be matched from.  Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I will see her little face on their site without knowing.  This week they posted a picture of a baby with some rice cereal that had been donated to the child's center (see photo above).  Seeing this little face, and how happy she looks, REALLY made me smile and reminded me that, even though this process is tough and grueling, many, many happy days are in store and oh, how Annabelle's life will change!  So, I have decided to smile and accept this experience as an opportunity to learn to be more patient and trusting.......
     There are many babies on LWOB's page daily that are in need of medical support, love, attention and homes.  Please keep these children in your prayers, as this is just one - of many - organizations advocating for the "unwanted" children in China.  Each picture represents hundreds that no one sees.

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