Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fingerprints, Forms and Fees...Oh my!

Today we were assigned our official case social worker, which is exciting and a little scary! While we certainly have nothing to hide or fear from a social worker's homestudy, it is still a bit intrusive and stressful! We also were sent information to complete our FBI background checks/fingerprints, a huge list of forms and documents to start collecting and our itemized fee schedule. Completing these steps makes the adoption feel more "real" and brings us one step closer to meeting our new little girl! I know, other than the waiting, this portion of the process can be the most daunting. I hope that it will not be too frustrating or stressful, but we are prepared that it may be at times! Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised!

We really appreciate the support and encouragement we have received from friends and family so far! We realize that adoption is not something that everyone would choose, nor is it the right "fit" for every family. The topic is accompanied by many questions and concerns - we have many ourselves! However, we ultimately feel that this is the right decision for us and our family, and we look forward to journeying through the whole process - questions, concerns and challenges included! It means a lot to hear all of the congratulatory comments, smiles, hugs, prayers and well-wishes! We know this little girl will arrive in our home already well-loved by many!


  1. You know how I feel about children and so I have been so excited and overjoyed since hearing of your news. Your journey will remain on my heart throughout and I've already begun praying for your future daughter, as well as your current family. I know I will be feeling the ups and downs with you as you continue to share!

  2. The adoptions we handled at the law firm were much different than this of course (our families didn't have nearly as much paperwork), but one thing that I believe holds constant is the stop/start of the process. There will be periods of sudden activity, then quiet, only to start again. It is stressful, but we are all here for you.

    You are doing something wonderful. I am proud of you and Jason. Adoption is a gift for all parties involved. The little girl that comes to you will be meant for you. Thinking of you all! Anything you need, just call.