Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today we received a phone call from our adoption agency's director to "officially" approve our application and welcome us into the "Helping Hand" family! We signed our international adoption contract and will prepare to pay the agency orientation fee. In January, they will arrange for our home study to begin, a process that usually takes around two months. Thus, our adoption journey officially begins on December 22nd, 2010...


  1. Congratulations! I know you have to be excited about welcoming another precious child into your home. Your willingness to take this journey is a testament to your faith in God and unconditional love for people. We are excited to follow you on your journey and to meet your new little one!

  2. Congratulations Jason, Laura Beth, and Alexis!!! Your choice to pursue international adoption in order to bring another child into your home will be an incredible journey for you all. I am so excited and know that the daughter you welcome into your home and family will be very fortunate and blessed!!! I am excited to follow you throughout this life changing experience and will anxiously await the arrival of my new niece and a new cousin for Morgan and Madison. We love you, support your decision, and will be here for all of you in any way we can be throughout this journey!!!