Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Steps

We continue to take "baby steps" in our journey - but every step is important!  Last week we had all of our physicals and bloodwork completed (thanks to a school holiday and snow days).  It was a big relief to have them out of the way - especially the paperwork.  Our agency told us that the most mistakes (in regard to paperwork) are made on the medical forms.  These had to be notarized, completed legibly (which was a challenge - ha ha), answers had to be in complete sentences and separate forms had to be completed for every medication, condition or procedure we had ever had.  Thankfully, we have no major health issues, but my asthma, allergies and c-section with Alexis caused me to have several forms that had to be completed.  After just two return visits to the doctor's office, we got everything signed and completed correctly.  We also had our second visit with our social worker, and she completed our personal interviews.  Jason and I were interviewed separately for around an hour each, and then brought back together for additional questioning.  We had to submit autobiographies prior to the meeting, so we were quizzed over everything imaginable, including our childhoods, career choices, reasons for adopting, relationship issues, discipline styles, families, religious views, etc.  I as a little nervous, but our social worker told us that we are very in-sync, as a couple, and that she was confident that our child would a "lucky little girl."  We are now just waiting on a few documents to arrive in the mail (FBI background check and Kentucky Courts background check).  Once those arrive, we will be ready for our social worker to complete the homestudy!  Very exciting! 

During another one of our plentiful snow days, we applied for our passports.  We've both had a passport card for travel to the Bahamas, but never an actual passport book.  With the passports "ordered," we have now completed all of our parent education, background checks, letters of recommendation and other various forms that have to be completed.  Once the homestudy is written and notarized, we will be able to start authenticating our documents for the dossier (birth certificates, letters of employment, etc.).  We are making such good progress!  Now begins the first of many "waiting periods."  Did I mention I extremely dislike waiting???  Hopefully I will learn to be a more patient person through this process!

I also wanted to share our baby girl's name in this post.  We have chosen a first name and then we will determine the middle name once we see her Chinese name.  Her name is............Annabelle!  I have always loved the name Anne, and my mother's name is SuzANNE.  We also wanted to use an "A" name, and we love Annabelle!  The name means "one who is easy to love" or "lovable."  How appropriate and wonderful is that?   Please say a little prayer for Annabelle, as we hope that, if she is already in this world, she is safe, loved and happy!  If she is not, we hope that she will enter the world safely and be well-cared for until we can meet her.

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  1. It is so exciting to get these things crossed off the list of MANY things to do! Glad you are one step closer to your Annabelle. Love the name!