Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One year ago...

One year ago we officially began our adoption journey. I started this blog and ironically named it, "Our Waiting Journey." My, how we have waited....

- We waited 2 months for a home study to be finished
- We waited 3 more months after that to have all of our documents ready to send to China
- We waited 65 days for US Immigration approval (1-8ooa)
- We waited two weeks after our dossier was sent to China to be "logged-in"
- We then waited five months to be matched with a young girl

Then, we saw Jaxson's sweet face on Lifeline's blog and started inquiring about him...
- We waited two weeks to see if we could transfer to Lifeline
- We waited two more weeks to transfer agencies
- We waited almost three weeks for provisional approval for Jaxson
- we have now waited 66 days for our Letter of Acceptance

So, the wait continues.

It has been quite an emotional year in many ways, but a year of learning and changing. A year ago, we never thought we'd be waiting to bring home a 2-year old boy, but now I can't imagine him NOT being a boy! I still do not like waiting AT ALL, but I can tell I am more patient (although Jason would probably disagree!).

I do wish things would speed up, as we worry about him and think about him all the time! I especially hate it for Alexis! I know our day will come, though.

I often think about what a big responsibility it is to bring a child into your home - whether biologically or through adoption. It's scary, exhilarating, frightening and exciting - all at the same time! I've thought about Mary a lot lately - and how hard her journey was, how much she had to wait and what a challenge she had ahead of her as Jesus' mother. Look how God was with her!! I know he is with us, too.

Thank you for following our journey for the last year. I am so anxious to see the next chapter unfold.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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