Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life with Jaxson!

I cannot believe that it has been a month and a half since my last post!!  We have been incredibly busy and blessed since returning from China.  Jaxson is adjusting beautifully and has meshed so perfectly with our family.  He is definitely "all boy" - full of energy, excitement, curiosity, sneaky, loving, and mischievous at times.  He has a "sneaky face" that he loves to make (many of you may have seen it from him) and it always makes me laugh!  He loves his new home and toys, would spend most of the day outside riding his tricycle if we let him, and has even grown accustomed to many American foods!  He loves to imitate EVERYTHING his big sister does and wants.  Thankfully, he has also grown very fond of our dog, Jake!  Jaxson's language skills are developing at an incredible rate.  I am amazed at what he understands and how well we can communicate.  Obviously he still has a long way toward mastery and command of the language, but he is making great strides!

Jaxson has enjoyed visiting new friends and experiencing new things.  He swam for the first time a few weeks ago (he didn't know what to think of the pool at first), has been to some birthday parties (he LOVES to sing "Happy Birthday" to people), went on a camping trip to Jellystone Park, has completed a lot of medical exams and office visits (all have been positive), and has enjoyed being a kid in the summertime!  We just finished VBS at our church and Jaxson enjoyed it!  We ask him where God is, and he points to the sky (our VBS theme was "Sky VBS")!  He is generally very happy and playful, and we are extremely thankful that this transition and phase has been so smooth and calm.

We were so thankful and fortunate to have tremendous support throughout our adoption journey and our trip to China.  We would like to thank our friends and family by inviting everyone to a multimedia experience at our church (White Mills Christian Church) on Sunday evening, June 24th at 6:00 p.m.  We will be sharing Jaxson's history and his journey to us.  We will share popcorn and drinks, along with pictures and video clips.  All are welcome to share in our experience!


  1. I would love to see your presentation but we are going to be gone this weekend. (Camping all weekend at Holiday World). T bet it's terrific. Jaxson is so sweet and seems to be loving it here. And great picture of him on this invitation.

  2. Just checking back after doing your blog layout almost 2 years ago!! So excited for you, and what a BEAUTIFUL little boy!!! I'm so thankful you found me and I've been able to follow your story over the years. God Bless!