Sunday, November 6, 2011


I had to stay home from church with Alexis today (she had a rough night with her asthma/allergies).  I randomly checked my email, and to my surprise, I received an email from the wonderful care package service we used to send Jaxson's birthday gifts (Ladybugs-n-Love)!!  She had received EIGHT new pictures of Jaxson!!!!!!!!!!  The pictures show him in his foster home, receiving the gifts and the cake that we sent!  Look at that adorable little face!  My favorite is the photo of his foster mother showing him our picture.  These are priceless, and I cannot thank Ladybugs-n-Love enough for their services they provide to waiting families.  What a blessing they are to others!  I showed Alexis his photos and she said, "He's cute, but he is messy!  And that cake does not look yummy!"  Enjoy the new pictures......I'm sure I'll be looking at them all day.


  1. awesome. he looks like he is doing well. i bet you can't wait to travel to China.

  2. Interesting... you're living the life I lived last year. Our son had just turned 2 as well and we had just gotten his pics from the party (his face, too, was covered in icing). Now we are together and just celebrated his 3rd birthday. SO fun! Congrats on your new son!

    Suzie from RQ

  3. This is so awesome! The picture of him looking at the photo album brings tears to my eyes. I'm so excited for you guys.

  4. Hopingfor08 from RQ coming over. Are these IN the foster home???

    WOW! I have never seen that! That is amazing and PRICELESS to have for you now while you wait but for him too later!!!

    CONGRATS! He is adorable!!!