Thursday, September 22, 2011


Nothing in the adoption world seems to move quickly, and we have understood that very well these last two weeks!  We have all of our paperwork submitted and China has received everything they need to complete our transfer.  We spoke to our new agency again today, and they said that their China contact is working on the transfer and hopes to have it completed by the end of next week, if not (hopefully) sooner!  Next Friday is just her goal.  The Letter of Intent paperwork is also in China, so hopefully, it will be processed quickly.  It may still be a couple of weeks until we have that "official" provisional acceptance letter, but at least we are progressing in the right direction!  Today I also received additional photos from an American doctor who visited with him in July.  I will also be receiving an updated medical report from her as soon as she completes it (hopefully by the weekend).  In one of the pictures, he is crying........but she told me that he was just "very unhappy that he had to be still long enough for them to complete the medical exam."  He looks great and is happily playing in most of the photos.  We can also see the cleft repair a bit better in these pictures, and we are still impressed with how good it looks.  It appears that some dental work is in his future, but that is something we can handle and fully expected.  What kid doesn't need dental work these days? :-)

I can't wait until we can share the pictures online!  I'm very happy to share them in person, though! :-)

Our agency case worker indicated that she thought we would likely travel around March or April, although it could be sooner.  Timelines are unpredictable in China, at best!

Please continue to keep us, the process and, most importantly, this little guy in your prayers.  This is a gruelling process and we have been a little exhausted from the emotions of everything over the last two weeks.  We are thankful, and feel blessed to have made it to this point!

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