Friday, March 4, 2011

I-800a mailed!

Today was an exciting day for us in terms of our adoption process.  I was able to go to Lexington to pick up our completed, signed and notarized home study (which was started the first week of January).  I also asked our family advocate to review our I-800a form (which could not be mailed until a completed home study was attached) and she approved it and the agency mailed it for us!  The I-800a is a form from the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration Services.  It is a petition to the U.S. government, requesting permission/authorization to adopt a child from abroad, and bring that child to the U.S. as a citizen.  We will be contacted by the FBI for another fingerprinting appointment prior to approval.  Once we receive approval, we will then be able to go to Frankfort to authenticate all of our documents, and then have them sent to Washington, D.C. for further certification.  After authentication, the dossier can be sent to the Chinese consolate and then mailed to China!  We were told today that we should still be fairly close to our timeline and able to submit the dossier around the end of April or first of May. 

We should receive word of "acceptance" of the I-800a within a few days, and should be given an FBI appointment within a few weeks.  We were told that it will likely take 30-45 days to receive official "approval" regarding our petition.  It is exciting to see our "to-do list" (regarding paperwork) nearly complete!!!

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